Research materials for Chapter Three


The above photograph shows some of the items I consulted for the third chapter of Strathclyde and the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age. This chapter brings the narrative to the end of the ninth century. You’ll notice that all five are secondary sources which are fairly mainstream and easily obtainable. I’ve not included any primary sources in the picture, mainly because I now tend to access these via online editions. I do however possess several primary texts in hardcopy and still find them useful, especially for quick reference when I’m offline.

Here’s a checklist of the items in the photo. Some of them will no doubt be familiar…

Viking Kings of Britain and Ireland: the Dynasty of Ivarr to AD 1014 by Clare Downham
The Kingdom of Northumbria, AD 350-1100 by Nick Higham
From Pictland to Alba, 789 to 1070 by Alex Woolf
Kings of Celtic Scotland by Benjamin Hudson
Warlords and Holy Men, Scotland AD 80 to 1000 by Alfred Smyth

All five provided good grist when I was grinding out the narrative for Chapter Three.


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